Tips on how to take care before and after root canal treatment

Tips on how to take care before and after root canal treatment

People suffering from cavities, cracks or cavities are prescribed to get the root canal treatment in order to alleviate their dental problems. Often considered one of the most effective treatments in the field of dentistry, root canal treatment has many associated advantages that can help maintain your beautiful smile or preserve your tooth function. The post-root canal treatment is quite simple and can be practised with little guidance and effort.

Understand what is the “root canal” treatment

In general, this endodontic treatment aims to save the roots of a damaged tooth by treating inflammation or eliminating infection within the root canal space. The roots of the tooth are not actually removed but are simply treated to maintain the base of the tooth and prevent extraction. The roots can feel good even after completing the treatment, as they are present inside. Nowadays, the tooth-like caps are crowned on the affected tooth so that it does not look different and resembles a natural tooth.

Once you have undergone root canal treatment, you can expect the following benefits:

It will restore your dental ability to chew food.

When covered with a crown or a replica cover of a tooth, the treated tooth will look exactly like other teeth in the mouth.
The tooth would prevent the wear of other surrounding teeth in the mouth.Instead of extraction or complete removal, your tooth will be saved by restoring its normal function as much as possible.

After Root canal treatment care

Although the treatment of the root canal is quite smooth and quite simple, it does contribute a difference in the structure of your tooth. Therefore, it is very important that the patient follow some necessary steps later so that the tooth does not suffer damage once more. This is quite relevant in the context of the teeth that are crowned after the treatment of the root canal so that they stay strong and function well.

Many times, patients lose their teeth that have undergone a root canal treatment due to splitting or fracturing. In any case, if such teeth get fractured, there is no way to save it and has to be extracted. When it comes to dental care, people do have a much laid back approach and this is where the problems escalate. People who delay in getting their teeth crowned post root canal therapy are likely to suffer from tooth fracture and tooth loss.

Many times, patients lose their teeth that have undergone root canal treatment due to splitting or fracture. In any case, if these teeth break, there is no way to save it and it must be removed. When it comes to dental care, people have a more relaxed approach and this is where the problems increase. People who delay crowning their teeth after root canal therapy are prone to tooth fractures and tooth loss.

If you are one of those people who is planning or have prescribed root canal treatment, here is what you should definitely know to expect the best results:

Avoid Stressing Your Tooth after Root Canal Treatment:

Remember, a root canal treatment will lead to the removal of the interior part of your tooth, thus altering its structure and weakening it. It is for this reason; The treated tooth will have a protective stop to prevent breakage or major damage. In general, crowns are placed after the tissues heal completely after root canal treatment. Therefore, before placing the crown, your tooth is vulnerable and requires care and protection so that it is not stressed.

Avoid eating hard foods after the treatment of root canal:

make sure you do not eat foods that are hard or crunchy. How to eat them with the teeth marked with root would induce the breakage inside the temporary filling causing damage. On the other hand, hard foods can even completely break your tooth that requires complete elimination. Therefore, it is important to be careful when avoiding such foods until the restoration of the cap is carried out.

Brush gently after the Root Canal Treatment: you must take careful and special care when it comes to brushing once you have undergone root canal treatment. Be gentle around the affected area, especially if your gum tissues are still in the healing phase. Be sure to avoid applying force and being patient. In case of problems, visit your doctor as soon as possible to obtain your filling if necessary.

Take the right medicines Post-treatment of the root canal: the doctor will prescribe oral medications and analgesics to control the pain and discomfort that occur after root canal treatment. Medications that are anti-inflammatory and steroid-free, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol, are also effective in reducing swelling, especially during the initial days of the procedure.

Follow up with your dentist Post-treatment of the root canal:

In the context of discomfort after root canal treatment, make sure you can understand the difference between normal pain and severe inflammation because otherwise, it could cause complications. Post-treatment discomfort is common and usually goes away in two to three weeks, during which analgesics are often administered to control pain. Although, the modern practices of dentistry today are so advanced that fortunately, people do not have to suffer much pain, however, in exceptional cases, the intense pain can be indicative of fracture or infection. Therefore, keeping in touch with your doctor and follow-up visits are very important to ensure the best results for your tooth.

What to expect once you have undergone a root canal treatment?

Remember, the treatment is simply the first step to try to restore the normal function of your damaged tooth. Proper aftercare, as well as permanent restoration, both are necessary for their sustenance and good result. Patients who undergo root canal treatment are called for routine checkups and teeth cleaning. Therefore, one must attend those appointments on time until a permanent restoration is completed.

A tooth that has undergone root canal treatment and has been properly restored can survive long enough just like natural teeth. Proper oral hygiene, healthy brushing and flossing, staying away from aerated foods and regular check-ups are some steps that will guarantee long-term sustenance of a root canaled tooth.

A tooth that has undergone root canal treatment and that has been properly restored can survive long enough like natural teeth. Proper oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, staying away from aerated foods and regular check-ups are some steps that will ensure long-term sustenance of a root canaled tooth.

Once the treatment is completed, the dentist can perform an x-ray of the teeth to ensure that adequate healing has taken place on the treated tooth. Generally, pain and discomfort after root canal treatment disappear after two weeks. But in rare situations, the treated tooth can continue to pain even after months or years of root canal treatment. In such a case, a repeated procedure could be done to obtain relief.

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Cosmetic Dentistry (whitening, capping, filling gaps, and inlays)

Dental Implants

Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics (Root canals, crowns, implants, and dentures) (Root canal)

Oral Surgery Orthodontics (For straightening teeth) (Braces)

Child and Paediatric Dentistry (from preventative fluoride treatments to emergency care for toothaches and chipped teeth) (Children)

Periodontia (Gums)

Prosthodontics and Dental Implants (For repairing and re-fashioning teeth) (Dentures)



How To Find The Best Dental Clinic

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How To Find The Best Dental Clinic

These are some of the important checklists you should keep in mind when deciding to visit the dental clinic in Bangalore.

1) Work hours and booking times: if you can not enter to see your dentist when you need it, then the clinic is probably not right for you. If you work late into the night, look for clinics that are open nights and weekends.

2) Style of consultation: different clinics have different approaches to medical care. we not only want a solution, we want an answer to what is happening, what can be done to solve the problem and what we can expect before, during and after the treatment. This type of explanation requires a reliable doctor who is willing to take the time to talk to your patients.

3) Bedside manner: no matter how you like to have your medical information delivered, it is important that you feel comfortable with your doctor and the nursing staff. Look for clinics where you are welcomed warmly at your first consultation, check-in with you to see if your medical staff makes you feel safe and comfortable.

4) The technology available on-site: if you can find a clinic with as many things done internally as possible, you will save a lot of time and difficulty. therefore, always find the clinic of multiple specialities with all the necessary equipment to diagnose your problem.

5) Specialists: if you know you have a particular area of need, be sure to go to a center that has the relevant specialist in place. It is especially good if your medical provider has several specialists, so you can manage your medical care with a single team that can consult with each other about your needs and history.

6) Price: This should be your last concern. Dental treatment is extremely affordable compared to western dental costs, with highly qualified dental specialists available. Taking these preventive measures will help ensure that you do not have to resort to more intensive and expensive procedures, such as root canals.

Multispeciality clinics have all these treatments like

Cosmetic Dentistry (whitening, capping, filling gaps, and inlays)

Dental Implants

Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics (Root canals, crowns, implants, and dentures) (Root canal)

Oral Surgery Orthodontics (For straightening teeth) (Braces)

Child and Paediatric Dentistry (from preventative fluoride treatments to emergency care for toothaches and chipped teeth) (Children)

Periodontia (Gums)

Prosthodontics and Dental Implants (For repairing and re-fashioning teeth) (Dentures)

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Root Canal treatment clinic in Bangalore

Root Canal treatment clinic in HSR layout Bangalore

Root canal surgery or therapy is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. 

A root canal procedure is performed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or the pulp becomes damaged. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Root canal procedures have the reputation of being painful. Actually, most people report that the procedure itself is no more painful than having a filling placed. The discomfort experienced in the period leading up to seeking dental care is truly painful, not the root canal procedure itself.

Confident Dental Care our specialists use lasers and Microscopes to do this treatment. In addition the presence of 3D scan also helps us to evaluate the canals 3 Dimensionally to perform the treatment better. All Root Canal Treatments are performed using standardized protocol like using the rubber dam for isolation, rotary instruments, apex locators for precision, microscopes for better visibility. In addition our specialist specialize in Re-Root Canal Treatment using microscopes. Microscopes are used by Endodontist to have better visibility of minute structures like identifying missed canals, broken instruments and Blocked canals.

For more details visit: Root canal treatment clinic in Bangalore. Or Call today get ‪appointment at +91 80 23011500 +91 94835 23368.

Dental cavities treatment clinic in Bangalore, India


Dental cavities treatment clinic in Bangalore

Cavities are the decayed tooth which is occurred by the bacteria that produces an acid and destroys the enamel and underlying layer called dentin. Confident dental clinic will give you the best treatment.


You know you’ve cavities when you’ve toothache, sensitivity while you eat anything sweet, hot or cold and pain while chewing the food. There are varieties of bacteria that live in our mouth, which builds up a layer on our tooth, called dental plague. While we eat or drink, this bacteria creates an acid that removes all the minerals from the enamel and thus creating cavities. This bacteria breaks down the enamel and this leads the decay to go much deeper into the dentin and can easily reach the pulp of the tooth which may also lead to a root canal surgery. The doctor examines the tooth and also goes through the x-ray to see if the decay is reached the nerve or not and then decides over the treatment. If cavity is left untreated, it destroys the whole tooth with more chances of risk of developing the infection related to abscess when the infection reaches the root of the tooth. There are various methods to control cavity that is brushing twice a day, reduction of consumption of sweets, using a fluoride toothpaste, using antibacterial month rinses to reduce the level of bacteria, and also chewing gums that contain xylitol.

Confident dental care clinic provides services to infants, children and adolescents. Health and hygiene is given more importance in this clinic and it is also evident in our central sterilization rooms, consultation rooms and post operative care.

At confidentdentalcare, we have experienced dentists of Bangalore along with dental surgeons to make sure that you receive the least painful treatment and are very determined to put the smile back on your face, so that you can laugh again confidently.

Confident Dental clinic in HSR layout Bangalore Specialities


Best Dental center in Bangalore

Confident Dental Care is a one of a kind 7-star dental center in Bangalore that brings you world class dental care and top of the line leniency under one roof. Imagine a place where your personality shines, your body relaxes and your mind and soul are encouraged to embark upon a peaceful transformation. On board are the best doctors and cutting edge equipment that come together in a luxurious, sophisticated, and calm ambience to make you feel special. Get ready for a hypnotic pampering experience, that’ll transform your looks, your personality and also your outlook towards dental care.

Looking for affordable, world class Dental Centers in Bangalore? Walk into your nearest Confident Dental Care Clinic – the one stop solution to all your regular and special dental needs. Experienced doctors, cutting edge technology, world class infrastructure and personalised care makes Dental care the best industry practices in the country.  

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Best Dental Care Clnic in Bangalore

Confident Dental Care is one of the best dental care center in Bangalore. Cosmetic Dentistry is more prominent than regularly, from whitening solutions, shaping to closing spaces from the teeth and replacing teeth. To improve the look of your smile, our dentists have a wide range of tools and techniques.

Whitening Teeth:

After smoking, taking certain medicines, your teeth become dirty or discolored?

Our dentist can bleach your teeth in 2 ways using a chemical technique.

1. Whitening Solution at home is more convenient but it can take 2 or more weeks or longer depending on the strength of the teeth. To reach whitening solution is to be quick fixed, our dentist can create custom mouth piece tray that protect the right amount of whitening solution.

2. Whitening Solutions in clinic can take 1 to 2 hours of visit. Whitening a teeth, it doesn’t mean to clean a teeth, it is still important to take care of oral by brushing twice in a day and flossing at least once in a day.

More information Visit: Confident Dental Care

Six ways to whiten your teeth

     It’s great time brighten up your teeth? Here are six trendy strategies for whiten and brighten your smile.

  • In-office bleaching under the direction of our employees and we recommended if your teeth area is badly stained or if you have veneers or crowns created. It’s quick, safe and effective. Gels containing high concentrations of bleach area unit applied to your teeth in our clinic, uually enhancement by heat and lightweight to create them act quicker. Results show teeth turning into upto 10 shades lighter in regarding an hour.

  • Takehome whitening and trys area are designed to suit your mouth and we also provided in our workplace. This technique is straightforward to perform and is smaller amount valuable than in-office power change of color system, though it takes longer to ascertain an equivalent results. General recommendations area for thirty minute applications twice a day. You can also see the changes after 2 to four sessions. This needs patience, because it is necessary not to exceed counceled exposure to avoid harm to your teeth, gums and inside skin of your mouth.

  • Whitening strips look like clear band-aids that are applied to the tooth surfaces. They must be worn twice a day for half an hour for seven days. On average, they claim to lighten teeth over three shades. They take 2 weeks to work half an hour per day.

  • Paint on or brush on whitening formulas are offered. These are gels painted onto the teeth at every night for 2 weeks. Some claims that this line of home whitening can whiten teeth 2 to 5 shades. These gels might build your mouth feel goopy, however they are comparatively cheap.

  • Over the counter “mouth tray” whiteners- these mouth trays that they are not designed for your explicit mouth, in order that they might not work well and should be mussy or uncomfortable. They are completly filled with gel and worn forty five minutes daily for one week. On an average, teeth become 22 shades whier.

  • Whitening gum is new product. It needs chewing 2 items for a minimum of 20 minutes, four times a day to ascertain an impression.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss your questions about tooth bleaching. You can free to contact us: +91 94835 23368

Best Cosmetic dental surgery in bangalore

        A charming and pretty smile is the greatest asset like both professionally as well as personally for anyone at any age. At present days most of them are feeling unhappy with their smiles. It’s quite normal that your smile will fade off as a result of aging and it may be the reason our lifestyle habits like smoking, drinks or chewing tobacco. Today there are so many options to enrich and upgrade your smile like veneers, teeth whitening, bonding, bridges, braces, invisalign aligners and etc..

How will you start? Ask questions to yourself.

  • Do want to change the colour of your teeth?

  • Do you have cracks or chips that makes you to feel little older?

  • Are you worrying about your gummy smile?

  • Do you have crooked teeth ?

  • Do you have any gaps between your teeth?

     If your answer is YES for any of the above questions, then step forward into smile makeover in bangalore and get back your beautiful smile. You can feel free to talk to us about any changes you would like to see in your smile. We will show you the preview of your smile during the smile designing before the final work to be done. Regardless of the procedure you have choosen, your new smile can changes how the world sees you and can mean everything. A smile makeover can definitely make changes your smile .

For any queries regarding cosmetic dnetistry or smile makeover, contact us :

+91 94835 23368

Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Bangalore

Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Bangalore

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Absolute oral health care for infants and children till adolescence with complete special health care.

Confidentdentalcare is the leading Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Bangalore. Make sure your child’s teeth should always be clean and should not stick any food items between teeth. Guide them about good oral hygiene and make your child’s teeth healthy. 

Who is a pediatric dentist or paediatrician?

The one who deals with all sorts of dental problems for children and there will be separate pleasant environment opt of children. Nothing more attractive than a child’s pretty smile and we will help you for all your kid’s dental problems.

When should start for the good oral health practices?

Good oral health should begin when the child is about 12 months and retained through adult life. Taking care of your child’s teeth will lead into “cavity-free teeth”. Parents are the model for their child so they can have learning better oral health practices.

Why your child’s teeth are important?

Primary teeth of your kid are more important because they help for the proper eating and chewing speech development and to add an attractive outlook. A child can chew easily, speak clearly, smile with very happily. Fit primary teeth with normal development of jaw bones, muscles for the permanent teeth and guide them properly.

If the baby tooth is lost early, then the permanent tooth may come as crooked. Decayed child’s tooth causes more pain, infections and may increase to permanent teeth too.

We give complete care to your kids and homely environment. Don’t neglect your kid’s health. 

We offer,

– We understand the growth and development of jaws and teeth.

– Preventing dental caries

– We give a guide to developing good oral habits.

– Crowded teeth and correction

– Analysis for proper breathing.

For more information visit @ConfidentDentalCare

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Cosmetic Dentistry time for a change in the modern era!

Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in Bangalore

Nowadays Cosmetic Dentistry is more popular than earlier days. One can design their ideal smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry treatments. First, you gather the information What are benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry, Cost of cosmetic dentistry and find the Top Cosmetic Dentists in Bangalore.

Best Dental clinic in Bangalore i.e, Confidentdental clinic dental professionals will decide cosmetic dentistry treatment based on your present health, the appearance of your teeth and oral health.

 What are benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

– If you are not satisfied with your shape of teeth or colour of teeth or whiten your teeth or bonding or veneers.

– Through orthodontics, crooked teeth can be improved including clear coloured braces to minimise the bad appearance of your teeth.

– Chipped teeth or damaged teeth can be repaired through bonding, crowns to replace missing enamel.

– Did you lost your teeth?? missed teeth can be replaced by dental implants, bridges or dentures for your healthy smile. For more details: Cosmetic dental clinic in Bangalore


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